Welcome to Dr. Leiting Zhang (张雷霆) and his research team’s website! We are a young and dynamic team, located at the Ångström Advanced Battery Centre, Uppsala Univeristy. Our research vision is to bridge fundamental understandings of battery components, particularly electrodes, electrolytes, and interphases, with technological and methodological breakthroughs in the production and operando/online assessment of high-performance and sustainable batteries. For more details, please refer to Research.


The MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024 application is open and the deadline is on September 11. If you are interested in applying together with us, please get in touch!


Leiting hosted a study visit for students from the MSc program in Smart Electrical Networks and Systems (SENSE) of KTH Royal Institute of Technology on battery technologies at the Department of Chemistry - Ångström, Uppsala University. Link


Leiting represented Battery 2030+ to participate in the Transport Research Arena conference (TRA2024) in Dublin, Ireland. Link


Jackie received travel scholarships from the C.F. Liljewalchs stipendiestiftelse and the ÅForsk Foundation to attend the IMLB meeting in Hong Kong in June 2024. Congratulations, Jackie!


Our recent paper, titled Reversible Hydration Enabling High-Rate Aqueous Li-Ion Batteries, is highlighted on the social media platform “AqueousEnergyStorage” (in Chinese). Link


Leiting gave a presentation on acoustic emission monitoring of battery degradation at the Battery Sweden (BASE) annual meeting in Uppsala. Tweet


The first group photo was taken on a sunny Thursday in Uppsala! Photo


Leiting gave a Monday Seminar at the Structural Chemistry Program, Uppsala University, discussing proton activities in aqueous batteries. Tweet Post


The site is on, welcome!